Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Light Through The Window

A light through the window

The window beckoned me with a place to rest,
a place to be, a stillness to believe and a future to hope.
I remember of times past and thought of my future.
I asked the light to never leave, to stay with me as I continue on.
I remember the warmth of my past and how we all can be warm
lights in this world.

I took time and then the light took leave.
It stayed long enough for me to have hope, to be strong 
and not to give in. I needed to know this,
I need it more than anything.

We are all windows and sometimes we have no choice
in who looks within, we cannot decide to have only the sun,
for sometimes the light diminishes and becomes tempest and storm.

Thank you bright light, thank you God for believing in me.
Help me believe and let my unbelief do glorious and wonderful deeds in your name.
To the light and all who dwells within its warmth, I thank you.

Monday, June 20, 2011



I started leaving weeks ago
when no one else could see
A journey back to beginning times
a coming home for me

It is not easy, it never is
and my older heart grows cold
but my spirit rises even on,
despite the tear and toil

At 40 I should stay asleep
be blind to what I see
but I at 40 journey on
it is what's best for me

I rise again, I always will
My spirit soars to do
 echo memories in my heart
Behold I make all things anew

Not the easiest choice I make
 I have no sense to fall
but I know that deep live life in sleep
is to miss life's silent call

it is not easy, it never is
but I know its true for be
to live a life with no leaving intent
would be no life lived for me

Thursday, March 24, 2011


For the days when our strength deserts us.... 


Days when I am stronger than I ever hoped to be
the days my strength did fail me
in the shadow
 blind to see

The days that I am strong enough to
take the world to change
the days that I am weak and low
no jailer bound with chains

The ties that bind run cut and deep
run close now to my veins
the thoughts that run to send me off
to dreams that never sleep

The strength it comes from deep within
a push to silent change
let strength now stand me guarded
now, break through silent chains

so strong and sure my spirit rise
in my life and death each day surprise
be strong by day, strength last till call
to catch me when life trips my fall

some days I am strong
some days I am weak
the next day calls for stronger, strongest
in my strength my weak tastes sweet

Monday, February 14, 2011



the rain it falls as listless deep
the memories fall, their secrets keep
the distant noise of rain fall chatter
the wind it blows on bay shore latter

it reminds me of my home from home
and times that I have felt alone
the window glass is gleam pane clear
like a heart that holds a thorn so dear

so fall the rain, to listen wonder
the sky so full, the call of thunder
i wait and grasp your air full grace
awash anew my soul cleansed face

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drunk On Pity

Drunk On Pity

the eye it stares through slanting eve
aware of my over wanting vicarious need
the tumble of blind man drunk on pity
head cast down upon the Liffey

pity break of broken friend
you come you stay when will you end?
find other heart, door to visit
with taste of heart my prayer illicit

no stranger roads to life's hard blow
suffered needless suffer slow
my hand it cleaves, it lives to die
awaken, arise you must prepare

for life's great great next, its one more try

Monday, January 10, 2011

Three In One

Three In One

i beheld the three who sit on chair
like a child, i peaked from top of stair
the clock it ticked and slowly chimed
the three moved rythem, step in rhyme

from where you come and where do you go?
from creed or law please tell me so
were you always begotten, beyond flesh and place
reveal your nature, show your face

they answered in unison strong voice in one
their voice seared light as deep as sun
the answer lies here, not in time in space
in you we find our resting place

your body is our daily bread
you nourish sustain, in you we are fed
your heart and mind no thought erase
in you we reveal our hidden face

Monday, December 13, 2010



Waited so long for you this time around
words in my head flow through with make rhyme sound
i find that my brain is now taking its toll
let if flow freely plant feet in firm soil

it's advent in finals, i find that i wait
its all about words flowing free through the gate
at 2:10 today i stand and deliver
to find in my learning my gold and my silver

time to let freely flow wake in its stead
i wait for the day i leave words in my head
this week is for living, to find life in grace
to keep my self focused and a smile on my face

so greet your words firmly arise and let go
find the answer you seek for and never say no
its time for my finals at last they are here
and in my free thinking i know you are near